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Top 20 Easter Gift Ideas for Teens: Unwrap the Joy!

Shopping for teenagers is tricky, even at Easter! This year, fill their basket with swag Easter gift ideas for teens that speak their languages instead of normal candy and chocolate. We’ve selected the best presents that your kids will love. Let’s go shopping for some teen’s Easter presents ideas! 

Do Teens Receive Gifts At Easter?

Teenagers and Easter baskets – a match made in heaven? Not quite! While they might have graduated from collecting colorful eggs, that doesn’t mean the Easter fun has to end. 

Easter can be a chance to show your teen you care, with a little springtime surprise!  Think of it as a mini-Christmas, but with a basket full of Easter gift ideas for teens that they’ll actually use and enjoy. It’s a way to celebrate the season and brighten their day, even if they won’t be sporting bunny ears this year.

Top 20 Easter Present Ideas For Teens To Have A Memorable Holiday

We’ve created a list of trendy, cool Easter gift ideas for teens which can promote their creativity and bring fun to the whole holiday. Whether you’re searching for custom presents or cute off the beg toys, we have them all in this list. 

Teen’s Easter Gift Ideas For Boys

Ditch the baby chick stuff and get ready to fill your basket with awesome teen’s Easter present ideas that you’ll totally dig. Let’s have a look at your list and find some cool Easter gift ideas for your little boys.

easter gift idea for teen boys
Easter presents for boys

  • Tech on the Go:  Upgrading his old tech with new ones is a great Easter gift idea for teens. You can consider buying a portable phone charger, a headphone, or a new smartwatch. These gadgets will be useful in the long run. 
  • Sporty Swag:  If your teens are energetic, then promote this spirit with some sports gear. A basketball, a water bottle, or a cool hat for a sunny day can all be great Easter gift ideas for teens. Also, they can be suitable gifts for occasions, not just at Easter
  • Gamer Gear:  Is he a gaming champ?  Level up his Easter with a new game for his favorite console, a comfy gaming headset, or a cool subscription box filled with gaming goodies.
  • Music Mania:  Does he have a soul for music pieces? If yes, then a noise-free headphone or a portable speaker for outdoor activities will sure make his day. 
  • DIY Dude:  Kids are never too old for DIY stuff. These DIY kits are not only for teens, they are also suitable Easter gift ideas for kids. Enhance your teen’s creativity with these gifts. 
  • The Gift of Adventure:  Get him ready for his next adventure with a waterproof backpack for camping trips, a cool water hammock for chilling outdoors, or a travel journal to document his summer escapades.
  • Foodie Fun:  Teenagers are always hungry. So, feed them with delicious treats like cookies and cakes. If you don’t have a talent for cooking, then coupons for their favorite coffee shops or hamburgers are amazing Easter gift ideas for teens. 
  • Bookworm Bliss:  If he loves to read, surprise him with a new book from his favorite author, a gift certificate to a local bookstore, or a subscription service that delivers new books to his doorstep. These amazing easter present ideas for teens will make he happy all day. 
  • Movie Magic:  Is he a movie buff?  A gift card to a streaming service, a movie theater gift card for a night out with friends, or a cool movie poster for his room are all winning teen’s Easter present ideas.
  • Personalized Picks:  Show you care with a personalized gift!  A phone case with his initials, a water bottle with his name, or a custom t-shirt with a funny saying are thoughtful ways to add a special touch. Or you can prepare Easter basket gift ideas full of his favorite little things. 

Teen’s Easter Present Ideas For Girls

As your little girls grow up a bit, Easter gift ideas for kids no longer bring them joy and excitement. It’s time to upgrade Easter present ideas for teens. Ditch the frills and fill your Easter with gifts that match your amazing style. 

teen’s easter present ideas.
Easter presents for girls

  • Beauty Bonanza:  Girls love beauty, so prepare some trendy makeup palettes, nail polishes or a subscription box. These are the perfect Easter gift ideas for teens who love makeup and skincare. 
  • Tech Treats: Not only boys are in love with smart gadgets, Girls do love tech treats.  Buy your little girls a portable phone charger with cute design, or a pair of wireless earbuds for jamming out. 
  • DIY Darling:  Spark her creativity with a DIY kit for making her own jewelry, designing her own tote bag, or even whipping up some bath bombs for a spa-like experience.
  • Subscription Box Fun:  Subscription boxes are all the rage! Give her a little surprise each day until Easter with small adorable gifts. Finds Easter gifts ideas for teens that match her preferences and Easter themes.
  • Fashion Finds:  Make the holiday more special with some fashionable Easter gift ideas for teens. Fill the basket with a comfy scarf for spring, a jewelry set, or a voucher from her favorite clothing store.  
  • Cozy Corner Essentials: Create a cozy corner where she can have a private place to chill and relax. Equip it with her favorite scented candles, fluffy pillows and blanket. This is such a heartfelt Easter gift idea for teens. 
  • Foodie Frenzy:  Teens are never too old for candy and chocolate! Fill her basket with gourmet snacks like flavored popcorn or a gift card to a trendy smoothie bar. You could even throw in a fun cookbook to inspire her culinary skills.
  • Self-Care Essentials: Help her unwind with a bath bomb set, a luxurious face mask, or a subscription box filled with relaxing bath products and aromatherapy goodies.
  • Creative Canvas:  Nurture her soul for art with creative canvas. She can freely express herself through drawing with a sketchbook and vibrant colors. 
  • Personalized Picks:  Show you care with a gift that’s just for her! You can think of a personalized phone case or a jewelry with her name, they are both thoughtful Easter gift ideas for teens.

Creative Ways To Wrap Easter Gifts For Teens

Try new ways of wrapping to make an Easter gift idea for teens more special. Here are five easy and unique ways you can do. 

Wrap easter present ideas for teens
Creative ways to wrap Easter gifts

  • The Upcycled Adventure: Ditch the boring wrapping paper!  Repurpose old band t-shirts, denim scraps, or even colorful scarves to create one-of-a-kind gift wraps for your Easter gift ideas for teens.  Get creative with tying the fabric with twine or ribbon for a personalized touch.
  • The Mystery Box Challenge: Forget baskets, let’s get mysterious!  Wrap individual Easter gift ideas for teens in plain brown paper bags and decorate them with cryptic clues about what’s inside.  Use emojis, song lyrics, movie quotes, or inside jokes to make it a fun guessing game.  They’ll have to crack the code to discover their Easter treasures!
  • Plain Paper To Custom: Wrap the gift in plain paper and decorate it with colorful markers, washi tape, and fun Easter-themed stickers. They can snap pics with their wrapped gift, creating a hilarious memory and unwrapping the surprise later!
  • DIY Gift Bag: Do you find it difficult to wrap your presents neatly? Sometimes it’s simpler to put them in a gift bag instead. With our do-it-yourself gift bag guide, you won’t have to spend money on expensive store-bought bags. Just follow a few easy steps, and you’ll have a professional-looking bag for all kinds of gifts.
  • Wrap With Yarn: If you enjoy knitting or crocheting, chances are you have extra yarn lying around. This guide from Craftsy will teach you how to use that yarn to add a festive touch to your gifts by weaving it around them.


So there you have it! From techie treats to creative kits and everything in between, this list of Easter gift ideas for teens is guaranteed to crack open a smile. Remember, the true joy of Easter is about spending quality time together.  

So sprinkle in some egg hunts, bake some yummy treats side-by-side, and watch the laughter erupt. Happy Easter, and may your teen’s Easter basket be overflowing with epic finds and unforgettable springtime memories!