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How To Make A Bow For A Christmas Tree Step By Step

As the biggest holiday is approaching, you are decorating to add charm to home space. However, you are confused whether you should settle for a cheap tree topper from a store or learn how to make a bow for a Christmas tree on your own. Even when you are not good at crafting and DIY things, creating your very own bow can be a fascinating experience. 

The Importance Of Bows In Christmas Decorations

how to make a bow for a Christmas tree
We are used with the appearance of bows in Christmas decoration

Outside birthdays and anniversaries, Christmas is a special occasion always filled with warmth, joy, and cherished traditions. One of them is making bows, which is an important part of learning how to decorate Christmas.

The bows have always been a festive, nostalgic staple since it symbolizes unity and how we should be all tied together in love and friendships. Evoking feelings of warmth and nostalgia, bows also add a touch of elegance to your house’s decoration by transforming ordinary things in life into festive artworks. 

Unlike the cheap bows which can be bought from stores, handmade bows play a vital role in Christmas tradition by expressing the care and thoughtfulness of the creator. Whether displayed at home, offices or in public spaces, bows are considered to be the signal of holiday cheer and spread warmth as well as goodwill.

How To Make A Bow For A Christmas Tree

how to make a bow for a Christmas tree
It is fun to do craft things as making a stunning bow

The need to prepare Christmas things carefully such as gifts for occasions and decoration is undeniable. It is easy to learn how to make a bow for a Christmas tree because it has various sizes, colors and materials. You can choose these criteria based on your interest and preference.

Materials Needed For Making A Christmas Tree Bow

These following materials are all you need in order to create a beautiful bow for your Xmas tree:

  • Ribbon: There are diverse types of ribbon materials such as wired, satin, grosgrain and sheer organza but we recommend you to use wired ribbons which can provide better shape retention. Besides, you should also take color, pattern and width into consideration based on your taste. Most people use 2.5 inch wired ribbons.

how to make a bow for a Christmas tree
There are different types of ribbons

  • Scissors: You also need sharp scissors to cut the ribbons to your desired length.
  • Wire or Twist Ties: Unless you use wired ribbons, you will need these materials to secure the center of the bow and maintain its shape.

Step-by-Step Guide How To Make A Simple Bow For A Christmas Tree

You don’t have to be a professional hand crafter to make a beautiful bow. will provide you a simple step-by-step method how to make a bow for a Christmas tree:

How To Make An Easy Bow For A Xmas Tree

An easy bow is the perfect choice for a beginner. Follow this simple step and your will have a desirable result:

  • Cut the ribbon

First step of all, you have to cut the ribbon into the desired length and size. This action will depend on whether you want a medium or small bow and how long the tails are hang down

  • Form the loops

Fold one end of the ribbon over to create a loop, leaving a tail hanging down. This loop will be one side of your bow. Ensure the loop is proportional to the size of the bow you want. A simple bow is rather smaller with a few loops and tails for a subtle look. Repeat the folding process with the other end of the ribbon to form a second loop of the same size. This loop will be the other side of your bow. Make sure the loops are symmetrical.

  • Pinch and secure the center

Pinch the center of the loops together with your fingers to create the bow shape. Hold the loops firmly in place. Use a piece of wire or a twist tie to tightly wrap around the center of the loops, securing them together. Twist the wire or tie securely to hold the bow in place.

  • Fluff the bow

Gently fluff out the loops and adjust the tails to create a full and even bow shape. Spread out the loops to make them look more voluminous and attractive.

how to make an easy bow for Christmas tree
How to make an easy bow for Christmas tree

  • Trim the tails

Trim the ends of the ribbon tails at an angle or in a v-shape to create decorative tails for your bow. You can make the tails as long or short as you prefer, depending on your design preference.

  • Attach to the tree

Finally, attach the bow to your Christmas tree by using the wire at the back to secure it to a branch. You can also use additional wire or hooks to hang the bow from higher branches if desired.

Step-by-Step Guide How To Make A Large Bow For A Christmas Tree

Making a big bow and making a simple bow both involve similar techniques but differ in several key aspects. If you are into a big bow for your Xmas which is an eye-catching focus point of the tree decoration, you can refer to this method how to make a large bow for a Xmas tree:

how to make a large bow for a Christmas tree
The large bow is more complicated

  • Select and cut the ribbon

Unlike a simple bow, you should choose large sturdy wired ribbons in your desired color and pattern. Measure and cut a long piece of ribbon, leaving extra length for the tails and loops of the bow.

  • Form the loops

Fold the ribbon back and forth to create loops, alternating sides with each fold. Continue until you have the desired number of loops. A big bow for a Christmas tree is typically larger with more loops and tails, creating a bold and dramatic statement. 

  • Pinch and secure the center

This step is the same with the aforementioned step in making a simple bow. Pinch the center of the loops together and use wire or twist ties to secure them tightly. This will hold the bow in place and maintain its shape. 

  • Fluff and arrange

Gently fluff out the loops and tails of the bow, arranging them to create a full and voluminous shape. Making a big bow requires more ribbon and involves more intricate folding and looping to create the desired size and shape. 

  • Trim the tails

Use a pair of sharp scissors to carefully trim the ends of the ribbon tails to the desired length. You can cut them straight across for a clean finish or at an angle for a more decorative look.

  • Attach to the tree

Use wire or hooks to securely attach the bow to the top or a prominent spot on your Christmas tree. Big bows are often used as a focal point on the Christmas tree, placed prominently at the top or center to draw attention and make a statement. 

Tips To Decorate Your Christmas Tree With A Perfect Bow

If your bows haven’t met up your expectation, try these tips to make them better:

  • Finding the right size for your tree

If you want to learn how to decorate a Christmas tree, the process requires not only a lot of attention to detail but also creativity. You should pay attention to the proportion in order to find the right size of bow for your Xmas tree. The bow should neither be too large which can create overpowering nor too small and lost in the branches. 

  • Experimenting with colors and textures for visual interest

You can express your creativity and artistic sense by experimenting with different colors and textures based on your personal interest and taste. If you want to create a festive and vivid Christmas tree, you can try mixing and matching ribbons with multiple colors and twinkle glitters. Otherwise, if you are into a simple elegant Xmas tree, you should arrange the bows in a specific order and mix them with a delicate color tone.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

how to make a bow for a Christmas tree
You have to practice a lot before having the desirable results

Remember “Practice makes perfect”. You should also focus on other parts of the decoration outside the Xmas tree such as preparing Christmas gift ideas. There is definitely trial and error in the process of making the final desired bows. Nevertheless, with patience and perseverance, you absolutely have the ability to create a beautiful bow which will bring an uplifting and festive mood to your Christmas atmosphere.

Wrap up

It is not considered a perfect Xmas tree unless it has a stunning bow. Hope you can have a great time doing DIY according to our detailed guide.