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15+ Pet in Memory of Gifts to Honor Your Furry Friends

Losing a pet is a deeply emotional experience, and their absence leaves a huge void in our lives. Pet in memory of gifts is a proper way to keep their memory alive.

What Are Pet in Memory of Gifts and Why Do We Give Them?

pet in memory of gifts
Thoughtful gifts for pet loss should be personal and spark positive moments

They are custom presents to commemorate the loss of a pet and help owners remember them forever. A truly special pet sympathy gift should be personal, thoughtful, and, most importantly, help spark positive memories about the furry friend. 

Here are some popular types of pet memorial gift ideas:

  • Keepsake gifts: These tangible gifts help hold onto cherished memories.
  • Practical gifts: These pet memory items provide comfort and a way to keep your pet’s spirit alive in your daily life.
  • Charitable donations: These pet in memory of gifts honor your pet’s memory by giving back to the animal community.

Top 30 Pet in Memory of Gifts to Keep their Love Alive

Explore 30 pet sympathy gifts that can help you celebrate their life, keep their spirit close, and find comfort during this difficult time.

Keepsake Pet Memorial Gift Ideas for Pet Loss

pet in memory of gifts
One of the gifts in memory of a dog that reminds you of your furry friend

Keepsake gifts are a wonderful way to cherish memories of your pet and create a lasting tribute.

  • Photo frames and albums

Compile a collection of cherished photos that capture your pet’s personality and journey throughout their life. Consider creating a scrapbook as personalized pet gifts with handwritten anecdotes or funny stories about your adventures together.

  • Personalized pet gifts

These can be incredibly meaningful and come in various options for ideas about pet in memory of gifts. You can commission a custom pet portrait from an artist, have their paw print imprinted on a piece of jewelry, or get a mug or tote bag printed with their picture and name.

  • Memory boxes

Create a special box filled with mementos that will evoke fond memories. Include their favorite toys, collars, a leash they love, or even a piece of their favorite blanket. You can make these in memory of your pet gifts by adding handwritten notes about their quirky habits, nicknames, or special tricks they knew.

  • Clay paw print impressions

Capture a physical reminder of your pet’s presence with a pet in memory of gifts. Many pet stores or online retailers offer clay impression kits that allow you to create lasting pet memory keepsakes.

  • Ashes keepsakes

If you choose cremation, consider an urn or memorial pendant to keep your pet close as a gift for pet loss. Many beautiful and tasteful urns are available, some with space for a small photo or a lock of fur.

pet in memory of gifts
These memorial pet gifts will serve as a beautiful tribute to honor their memory

  • Memorial wind chimes

Listen to the soothing sounds and remember your pet with every chime is a kind of pet in memory of gifts you are looking for. Wind chimes come in a variety of styles and materials, allowing you to choose one that complements your garden or indoor space.

  • Pet memorial stones

These decorative stones can be personalized with your pet’s name, picture, and a short message, creating a beautiful tribute for your garden or indoor space.

  • Pet memorial seed packets

These packets contain seeds for flowers or plants known to attract butterflies or hummingbirds, creating a living pet memory item that attracts beautiful creatures your pet might have enjoyed.

  • Digitized keepsakes

Consider having your pet’s favorite photo or a video clip professionally digitized and framed. This ensures the memory of your pet gifts is preserved for years to come.

  • Clay paw print impressions in jewelry

While paw print jewelry was mentioned, there are unique variations. Look for options incorporating paw prints into a 3D design or a more artistic representation.

Practical Gift Ideas in Memory of Pets

pet in memory of gifts
These gifts, in memory of your beloved pet, will help commemorate their life

Practical gifts can provide comfort and a way to keep your pet’s spirit alive. Here are some ideas for in memory of your pet gifts with actual meanings:

  • A memorial tree

Plant a tree in your garden or indoors as a living tribute to your pet. Choose a tree that has significance, like their favorite type of fruit tree or a species known for its longevity and strength..

  • Home decor items

To create home decor stuff like an option for pet in memory of gifts, find items with images or symbols related to pets, like throw pillows, blankets, or sculptures. This is a subtle gift for any other occasions to keep your pet’s memory close while adding a touch of warmth to your home.

  • A donation to an animal shelter in your pet’s name

This pet sympathy gift honors your pet’s memory while helping animals in need. Many shelters offer donation programs where you can contribute to their mission of rescuing and finding forever homes for animals. Consider including a note about your pet’s personality and why they were special.

  • A personalized pet memorial blanket

Cuddle up with a soft blanket featuring photos or a quote about your pet. This can be a comforting pet in memory of gifts for someone grieving the loss of their furry friend.

  • A pet memorial garden statue

Choose a statue that reflects your pet’s personality and brings a smile to your face. It could be a playful dog statue chasing a butterfly, a graceful cat statue curled up in a sunbeam, or more generic remembering pet gift ideas like a statue with touching inscriptions.

pet in memory of gifts
These keepsakes are a heartfelt way to cherish the memory of your pet and celebrate their life

  • Donation to a cause your pet cared about

Consider a donation to a park conservation organization in their name. Also, a donation to a wildlife sanctuary could be a thoughtful tribute.

  • Engraved pet food or water bowl

A new food or water bowl engraved with your pet’s name and a short message is a practical loss of pet gift ideas they’d likely use if they were still here. It can serve as a daily reminder of your furry friend.

  • Commemorative pet tag

Attach a commemorative pet tag to their leash, collar, or even a pet carrier. These tags can be engraved with your pet’s name, dates of life, and a short message.

  • Subscription box for pet supplies in their name

Many companies offer subscription boxes for pet supplies. Consider signing up for a short-term subscription in your pet’s name and donating the supplies to an animal shelter or rescue organization.

  • Pet memorial donation jar

Create a decorative jar and label it with a message about your pet as gifts in memory of them. Encourage friends and family to contribute money whenever they visit. These funds can then be donated to an animal shelter or used for future pet adoption in your pet’s honor.

Charitable Options for Remembering Pet in Memory of Gifts

pet in memory of gifts
These tokens of remembrance will provide comfort and honor the special bond you shared with your pet

Charitable donations can be a meaningful way to remember your pet while giving back to the animal community as gifts for pet loss. Here are a few ideas:

  • Donate to an animal rescue organization

This supports their mission of rescuing and finding forever homes for animals in need. These pet memorial gifts honor your pet’s memory by continuing its legacy of love and care for animals.

  • Plant trees or contribute to a memorial for pets in a public space

Contribute to a lasting tribute in your community that honors all pets. This pet in memory of gifts creates a permanent and beautiful space for reflection, allowing others to remember their furry friends as well.

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter or rescue center

Donate your time and love to animals who have lost their homes. Volunteering your time as pet sympathy gifts to honor your pet’s spirit by helping other animals in need find loving homes.

  • Personalized pet leash or collar

While a practical item for everyday use, personalize it with your pet’s name, a small charm, or an embroidered message to create a lasting tribute they’d wear with pride (if they were still here!).

  • Pet memorial food or water bowl mat

Choose a mat with a design or inscription that reflects your pet’s personality. This functional item will be used daily and serve as a gentle pet in memory of gifts.

pet in memory of gifts
These memorial gifts are a touching way to celebrate the life and love of your cherished pet

  • Engraved pet feeding station

Elevate their food and water bowls with a custom-designed feeding station engraved with your pet’s name or a sweet message. This practical addition to their routine becomes a cherished pet memorial item.

  • Donation to a pet bereavement hotline

Many organizations offer support to those grieving the loss of a pet. A donation in your pet’s name helps this vital service continue offering comfort to others experiencing similar loss.

  • Commemorative pet bandana

For a stylish tribute, consider a bandana with a custom design or message dedicated to your pet as pet memorial gifts. This can be displayed in their memory or even used on future furry companions you welcome into your home.

  • Pet memorial donation jar (DIY version)

Get creative and create your own pet memorial donation jar. This can serve as a pet sympathy gift to collect donations for an animal shelter or future pet adoption in their honor.

  • Customizable pet memorial food storage container

Keep pet food fresh and add a sentimental touch with a container personalized with your pet’s name or a short message for remembering pet gift ideas.

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In conclusion, when choosing pet in memory of gifts, consider the recipient’s personality and their relationship with the pet. No matter what you choose for loss of pet gift ideas, the most important thing is to offer your support and empathy during this difficult time. Sending our deepest condolences and wishing you peace as you cope with the loss of your furry friend.