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Top 20+ Easter Gift Ideas For Toddlers To Unleash The Fun

Buckle up, bunny parents! Easter’s Coming , and it’s time to fill those tiny baskets with big-time fun. We know keeping little ones entertained can be a wild egg hunt, so we’ve got a list of Easter gift ideas for toddlers that’ll spark their creativity and get them giggling.  This may give you a moment to sip your coffee in peace. 

How People Celebrate Easter For Toddlers?

Easter for toddlers is a wonderland of bright colors, silly surprises, and of course, yummy treats! The big excitement starts with the Easter basket hunt. Imagine tiny detectives, all wobbly knees and wide eyes, searching for colorful plastic eggs hidden around the house or backyard. Each egg is a treasure chest filled with chocolate bunnies, jellybean jewels, and maybe even a tiny stuffed chick. Nowadays the Easter gift ideas for toddlers are much more diverse, including clothes, tech gadgets, and books. 

The joy of discovery and the sugar rush make Easter a toddler’s dream come true! But A Easter isn’t just about treats. It’s also a time for families to cuddle up and read colorful storybooks about bunnies and springtime. It’s a season filled with wonder, perfect for little ones to hop into with all their senses. 

20+ Best Easter Gift Ideas For Toddlers To Create Memor

Plan a memorable Easter holiday for your little loves with our Easter presents for toddlers. These Easter gift ideas are sure to bring the kids so much fun and excitement. Choose the right gifts for toddlers by scrolling this list. 

Cute Present Ideas For Toddlers At Easter

Want to get your little bunny something cute? We got you. Here are some Easter gift ideas for toddlers that will spark imagination and happiness. 

  • Sing-Along Stuffed Animal: It’s one of great Easter gift ideas for toddlers to give your kids some adorable stuffed animals. They’ll love snuggling with their new pal and singing along to festive tunes.

Easter present ideas for toddlers
Sing-along stuffed animals

  • Hoppy Sensory Bin: Fill a plastic bin with colorful beans, crinkly paper, and plastic eggs for a delightful sensory exploration. Hide small toys or treats inside the eggs for an extra surprise! These presents will make great Easter basket gift ideas
  • Bubble Bath Bonanza: Make bath time more fun with Easter-themed bubble baths for kids. They’ll giggle with glee as they create a bubbly wonderland.
  • Stacking Cups Fun: Add some fun activities to the holiday by buying the kids stacking cups. These Easter gift ideas for toddlers help them practice patience and dexterity.
  • Finger Paint Fiesta: Find them some present ideas for toddlers at Easter which allow them to get creative and create artworks in their style. Choose the bright spring pastel colors to match the theme of Easter. 
  • Playful Playdough Eggs: Surprise them with colorful playdough eggs filled with fun shapes and cookie cutters. They can mold, squish, and create their own Easter masterpieces. These are Easter present ideas for toddlers to play and have fun with their friends
  • Textured Board Book: Engage their senses with a textured board book filled with pictures of fluffy bunnies, chicks, and colorful eggs. It’s a delightful way to introduce Easter stories while satisfying their love of touch. 
  • Giggle-Worthy Giggles: Fill a basket with silly noisemakers like shakers, horns, or kazoos. They’ll have a blast making a joyful racket and celebrating Easter with some goofy sound effects! 

Cool Easter Present Ideas For Toddlers

For kids who have strong personalities, cool swags will be more suitable. Find them the coolest Easter gift ideas for toddlers by looking through our list. Whether you opt for custom presents or off the beg stuff, we got you covered. 

  • Arts & Crafts Extravaganza:  Skip the mess of finger paints and opt for a fun Easter egg decorating kit.  They can personalize plastic eggs with stickers, markers, and colorful glitter glue, creating their own festive masterpieces. These are perfect present ideas for toddlers at Easter to nurture their love for art. 

present ideas for toddlers at Easter
Easter eggs decorating kit

  • Sprout Squad:  Nurture their love for nature with a seed-starting kit. Let them plant their own flower seeds or colorful herbs, watching them grow into a mini springtime garden right at home!
  • Story Time Extravaganza:  Spark their imagination with a personalized Easter storybook. Many companies let you customize the book with their name and create a special Easter adventure they can cherish.
  • Busy Board Bonanza:  Keep their curious minds active with a handmade busy board. These interactive boards can be filled with safe knobs, latches, and textures, encouraging problem-solving and fine motor skills development. They will make wonderful Easter gift ideas for toddlers.
  • Let’s Get Rolling!:  Gift them a ride-on toy perfect for springtime adventures. Opt for a cute push car shaped like a bunny or a sturdy tricycle to explore the outdoors. This is one of the best Easter gift ideas for kids who are into outdoor activities. 
  • Dress Up Delight:  Fuel their love for pretend play with a fun Easter-themed costume.  Imagine a fluffy bunny tail and ears set or a charming chick headband for endless dress-up fun!
  • Music Makers in the Making:  Introduce them to the world of music with an age-appropriate instrument set. A colorful xylophone or a set of shakers can spark their creativity and develop their sense of rhythm.
  • Shape Up Time!:  Help them learn shapes and colors in a playful way with a set of Easter-themed nesting dolls. These colorful dolls open one inside the other, making them a delightful stacking and sorting activity.

Diy Easter Presents For Toddlers

This Easter, why not skip the store and make some special gifts together? It’s a fantastic way to have fun, get creative, and create adorable keepsakes your little one will love. Plus, it’s easy on the wallet! We’ve got some awesome DIY ideas that are perfect for tiny hands. 

  • Hoppy Handprint Art:  Get messy with washable paint and create a cute Easter bunny picture!  Dip your little one’s hand in paint and make two handprints side-by-side for bunny ears. Add a cotton ball tail, googly eyes, and a felt nose for a personalized touch. 

Easter presents for toddlers
Fun handprint artworks

  • Shake, Shake, Shake!:  Turn an empty plastic bottle into a fun Easter noisemaker! Fill it with dried beans or rice, decorate it with colorful construction paper and stickers, and add a secure lid. They’ll love shaking it around and making a joyful racket! These fun Easter gift ideas for toddlers will bring happiness to your little bunnies. 
  • Chick Magnet Mania:  Craft a silly chick magnet for the fridge! Cut out chick shapes from colorful felt, glue on googly eyes and a felt beak, and then hot glue a small magnet on the back. Let them decorate their chick with buttons or glitter for extra flair. 
  • Egg Carton Caterpillar:  Upcycle an egg carton into a playful caterpillar! Cut out the egg cups, paint them in different colors, and poke holes in the sides. String them together with yarn to create the caterpillar’s body. Add googly eyes, pipe cleaner antennae, and a big smile for a fun Easter decoration.
  • Sock Bunny Puppets:  Give an old sock a new life! Cut off the toe and heel of a fluffy sock, stuff it with cotton balls, and sew it closed. Glue on googly eyes, felt ears, and a cute little nose. These amazing Easter gift ideas for toddlers not only brings joy but also fosters creativity!
  • Sensory Sock Eggs:  Fill an old sock with different textures like crinkly paper, dried beans, and cotton balls. Sew it closed and tie a ribbon around the top. These tactile Easter present ideas for toddlers will keep their little hands busy and curious! 
  • Shake & Find Easter Eggs:  Recycle plastic Easter eggs! Fill them with small toys, beans, or cereal. Hot glue them shut and decorate them with paint or markers. Now they have colorful surprise eggs to shake and explore! 
  • Easter Basket Garland:  Cut out fun Easter shapes like bunnies, chicks, and eggs from construction paper. String them together with yarn or ribbon to create a festive Easter basket garland. Decorate their room or play area with their colorful creation!

Where To Buy Easter Gifts For Toddlers? 

Easter basket time! Finding the perfect gifts for your little one can be tricky. We’ve got you covered! This guide will show you where to find adorable toys, fun activities, and yummy treats to make their Easter egg-stra special.

Buy present ideas for toddlers at Easter
Where to buy Easter gifts

  • Classic Toy Stores: Your local toy store is a treasure trove for little ones! Look for sections dedicated to toddlers or early learning, where you’ll find many Easter gift ideas for toddlers here from colorful stacking cups to playful stuffed animals. This is also the perfect place to look for gift ideas for other occasions.
  • Online Marketplaces:  The internet is your oyster!  Giant online retailers like Amazon or Target offer a vast selection of Easter gifts for toddlers, with options to filter by age and interest. Plus, you can score great deals and have everything delivered straight to your doorstep.
  • Craft Stores:  Get creative! Craft stores offer a surprising variety of Easter-themed craft supplies like felt, googly eyes, and colorful paper.  This is the perfect place to pick up materials for a fun DIY project you can do together with your little one.
  • Local Artisans & Boutiques:  Support small businesses and find unique present ideas for toddlers at Easter by checking out local artisan markets or craft boutiques.  You might discover adorable handmade wooden toys, personalized Easter baskets, or charming storybooks perfect for toddlers.
  • Second-Hand Stores & Thrift Shops: Second-hand stores and thrift shops can be a treasure hunt for unique and gently used Easter presents for toddlers. You might score a classic wooden pull toy, a stack of colorful board books, or a well-loved stuffed bunny perfect for a new adventure. Also, it’s a fun way to teach your little one about recycling and responsible shopping.


With these 20+ Easter gift ideas for toddlers, you’re sure to find the perfect presents to fill your little one’s basket with springtime joy! From creative DIY projects to classic toys and playful surprises, there’s something for every curious mind and tiny hand. 

Remember, the most important part is to choose Easter presents for toddlers that encourage their imagination and spark excitement. So get ready for some egg-cellent fun, happy Easter crafting, and watching their little faces light up with delight!