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Top 20 Easter Gift Ideas For Kids – Let The Laughter Roll!

Easter is hoping around the corner and it’s time to fill your basket with interesting Easter gift ideas for kids! Prepare a fun holiday for your little loves by giving them present boxes full of surprise. Keep scrolling and find your kids something cool. 

How Do People Celebrate The Easter Holiday For Kids In The Us?

Easter in the US is a fun-filled holiday for kids!  One big tradition is the Easter Bunny. This fluffy rabbit is like Santa Claus, but for Easter!  Kids imagine the Easter Bunny hopping around the night before Easter, hiding colorful eggs filled with treats.  Easter starts full of energy with the egg hunt in the backyards. It’s similar to a treasure hunt with Easter gift ideas for kids.  

Besides egg hunts, Easter is also a time for family reunion.  It’s customary to go to churches to celebrate the religious meaning of Easter in some families. Then they will have a cozy dinner with delicious food.So, it’s a day to spend time with little ones and enjoy the springtime weather with family and close friends.

Do Kids Get Gifts At Easter?  

Prepare gift ideas for kids at Easter
Gifts for kids at Easter

Easter is one of the kids’ favorite holidays full of surprises as they receive interesting gifts as a traditional custom. Besides candy and chocolate, the ideas for Easter basket gifts may include toys, clothes, and books. 

Giving gifts to children at Easter emphasizes the joyful spirit of renewal and delivers a wish of luck to little bunnies. However, when the mission of selecting the perfect Easter gift ideas for kids falls on parents, it may take a lot of time and effort. To save the parents time to enjoy the holiday, we have created a list of the greatest gift ideas for kids at Easter. From custom presents to DIY ones, there are various options for you. 

Top 20 Easter Gift Ideas For Kids To Make Them Happy 

To rescue the parents from a challenging mission of choosing the right Easter present ideas for kids, we’ve prepared an ultimate list of interesting Easter gift ideas for both boys and girls. We ensure that you can find great gift ideas for kids at Easter within a few minutes. 

Unique Easter Gift Ideas For Boys

We’ve got a range of Easter present ideas for kids, which will promote the boys’ energy and imagination. Let’s crack open these creative Easter gift ideas for kids and fill their holiday with unforgettable surprises!

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt: An adventurous hunt is indispensable at Easter, however, you can choose to upgrade it by playing at night with these glowing eggs. This will bring so much fun for little bunnies. 

Easter present ideas for kids
Glowing egg hunt

  • Remote Control Car: A remote control car is a timeless Easter gift idea for kids that most boys will love. There are many different options available, from basic toy cars to high-tech models with all sorts of features.
  • Fort Building Kit: Building forts is a fun activity for kids of all ages. This kit can keep your child entertained for hours. Also, the kid can share the fun with their friends. 
  • Subscription Box: Subscription Boxes make great presents not only for kids, they can also be amazing Easter gift ideas for adults. There are many different subscription boxes available for kids, with themes ranging from science and engineering to dinosaurs.
  • Flashlight Projector: A flashlight projector is a fun and unique Easter gift idea for kids that allows them to project images onto walls and ceilings. They can be used as a decoration or to watch movies. 
  • Camping Gear for Kids: If your child loves spending time outdoors, then some new camping gear could be the perfect Easter gift ideas for kids. This set provides ultimate tools for camping such as a tent, a sleeping bag, a flashlight, and  a backpack. 

gift ideas for energetic kids at Easter
Camp gears for kids

  • Kinetic Sand: Kinetic sand is a trendy toy that enhances the kids’ imagination and creativity. It comes in different colors and can be used to create many shapes. These toys are great Easter present ideas to keep the kids away from smartphones and tablets. 
  • Make Your Own Slime Kit: Slime is so popular with kids these days. Some kids even have a collection of slime in different colors and materials. So, it’s a thoughtful idea to give your kids a DIY kit to make their own slimes. 
  • Bug Catcher Kit:  Does your son love exploring the outdoors and creepy crawlies?  Fuel his fascination with a bug catcher kit complete with a net, magnifying glass, and container for safely observing insects. It’s a great way to encourage exploration and scientific curiosity.

Cute Gift Ideas For Girls At Easter

Spring has sprung and Easter baskets are calling!  Looking for adorable gifts to make your little lady’s Easter extra special? We’ve got a basketful of cute Easter gift ideas for kids that will make her squeal with delight. 

  • Adorable Stuffed Bunny: Girls love little cute gift ideas for kids at Easter, so adorable bunnies are ideal presents. They will be her friends every night. 

Easter gift idea for girls
Cute stuffed animals for girls

  • Sparkly Easter Dress:  Turn her into a beautiful princess for Easter holiday with a twinkling dress. Choose designs with bright, pastel colors to match the spirit of spring. 
  • Arts and Crafts Supplies:  Nurture her artistic soul with a set of art and crafts supplies. They will keep her busy for hours. These supplies are no doubt one of the best Easter gift ideas for kids.  
  • DIY Hair Accessories Kit:  Accessories are always girls’ favorites. Give your little love a DIY kid, so that she can get creative and make a headband or clips in her own style. This present can be used as gift ideas for occasions rather than Easter. 
  • Egg Decorating Kit:  Turn Easter egg decorating into a fun and colorful activity!  Look for a kit that includes kid-friendly dyes, glittery stickers, and creative stencils. She’ll love transforming plain eggs into little works of art.
  • Gardening Kit for Kids:  Spring is the perfect time to plant some flowers!  A kid-sized gardening kit with a small trowel, watering can, and colorful seeds will inspire her to explore the wonders of nature. 
  • Charming Jewelry Set:  A touch of sparkle is always a hit with little girls.  Look for a jewelry set with pastel-colored beads or Easter-themed charms that she can mix and match to create her own unique look. This set is one of the best Easter gift ideas for kids. 
  • Tea Set for Kids:  Let your girls have some fun in the afternoon tea party with this tea set. It is a great Easter gift idea for kids as she can share the moment with her friends and practice social skills. 

Easter gift idea for girls
Adorable tea set for girls

  • Personalized Easter Basket:  Skip the generic basket and create a one-of-a-kind Easter experience with a personalized basket. Decorate a basket with her name or favorite characters, and fill it with goodies she’ll love. This adds a special touch and makes her feel extra included in the Easter spirit.
  • Storybooks with Easter Themes: Cuddle up together for some cozy reading time with a new Easter-themed storybook.  There are many delightful books available that celebrate spring, bunnies, and the joy of the Easter holiday. 


So there you have it! With these Easter gift ideas for kids, your little chick’s basket will be overflowing with enough fun to hatch a million smiles. From giggle-worthy gadgets to crafty creations, these gifts are guaranteed to send their springtime spirits soaring. 

Remember, the true joy of Easter lies in spending quality time with loved ones. Happy Easter, and may your little bunny’s basket be filled with egg-ceptional Easter present ideas for kids!