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Gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter by

You are looking for gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter since your daughter just announced the good news? Let Custom Presents help you with an appropriate gift list!

You’re going to become a grandparent, so congrats!

Gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter
Gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter

This is an exciting new adventure for both your daughter and you, just as your daughter is getting ready to start a family of her own. And what better way to express your delight than by buying your pregnant daughter the ideal present?

Giving a gift to your newly pregnant daughter is a thoughtful gesture that can show your love, support, and excitement for this new phase of her life. Here are a few reasons why you may consider giving her a gift:

  • Celebration: Pregnancy is a special time, and it marks the beginning of a new journey for your daughter. Giving a gift can be a way to celebrate and acknowledge this significant milestone.
  • Emotional Support: Pregnancy can bring about a mix of emotions, including joy, anxiety, and apprehension. By giving a gift, you convey your support and let your daughter know that you are there for her throughout this experience.
  • Practicality: There are many practical items that can be helpful during pregnancy, such as pregnancy books, a comfortable maternity pillow, or clothes that accommodate her growing belly. Gifting these items can assist your daughter in adjusting to the physical changes and challenges she may face.
  • Expression of Love: A gift can be a tangible representation of your love and care for your daughter and her growing family. It can serve as a reminder of your unwavering support and affection.
  • Symbol of Excitement: Your gift can demonstrate your excitement about the upcoming arrival of your grandchild. It can be a symbol of anticipation and joy for the new addition to your family.

In short, this is an opportunity to communicate your emotions, support, and affection to your daughter during this significant time in her life. The ideal present for a pregnant daughter will rely on her personality and what you believe would make her happy at this time. Therefore, will help you with the suggested gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter for your daughter.

Gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter

Gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter have been meticulously organized into categories including those for maternity care throughout pregnancy and other ideas by We think one of the suggestions below will help you decide on a present!

Pregnancy-related gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter

We’ll start with gift ideas that will help with your daughter’s pregnancy care. We feature gift ideas that will help your daughter feel more comfortable and help take care of her pregnant body.

  • Maternity clothing: Help your daughter feel comfortable and stylish during her pregnancy with some trendy and comfortable maternity clothes.
  • Pregnancy journal: Encourage your daughter to document her pregnancy journey with a beautiful pregnancy journal where she can track her thoughts, milestones, and memories. This is one of the meaningful gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter. 
  • Prenatal massage or spa voucher: Treat your daughter to a relaxing prenatal massage or a spa day to help her relax and unwind during her pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy and parenting books: Gift her with a selection of informative and empowering books on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting to help her navigate this new phase of her life. 
  • Pregnancy subscription box: Surprise her with a subscription box tailored for pregnant women that includes various goodies, pregnancy-safe skincare products, and helpful resources delivered to her doorstep.

Gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter
Pregnancy subscription box for a newly pregnant daughter


  • Belly support pillow: Help her sleep comfortably and support her growing belly with a specialized pregnancy support pillow.
  • Maternity photoshoot: Book a professional maternity photoshoot session to capture this beautiful moment in her life. These photos will serve as a precious memory for years to come.

Gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter
Maternity photoshoot for a newly pregnant daughter

  • Prenatal yoga or fitness classes: Consider gifting her a package of prenatal yoga or fitness classes to help her stay active and healthy during her pregnancy.
  • Nursing essentials: Prepare her for the postpartum period by giving her nursing bras, nursing pads, and comfortable clothing for breastfeeding.
  • Baby nursery essentials: Help her start preparing for the arrival of her little one by gifting her nursery items such as a crib, baby monitor, baby clothing, or nursery décor.
  • Relaxation kit: A gift basket filled with items such as scented candles, bath salts, and a cozy robe for her to relax and unwind during pregnancy. This kit is also perfect birthday gift ideas for daughter thanks to its speciality.
  • Baby keepsake photo album: A beautiful photo album for her to store and display precious memories, starting from pregnancy and continuing throughout the baby’s first years.
  • Stretch Mark Cream: Help your daughter prevent stretch marks with a good quality stretch mark cream. Look for products with ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamin E. This is one of our highly recommended gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter if your daughter is worried about her appearance during pregnancy.

Gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter
Stretch Mark Cream for A Newly Pregnant Daughter

  • Skincare product kit: Pregnancy hormones can cause changes in the skin, so gifting a gentle and nourishing skincare product kit will help her maintain a healthy complexion. Always check with your daughter’s healthcare provider before introducing any new skincare products during pregnancy to ensure they are safe for her and the baby. Some popular cosmetic brands for pregnancy include Hatch Beauty, Belli Beauty, The Spoiled Mama, Mama Mio, and Earth Mama Organics.

Gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter that are not related to pregnancy 

What about gift ideas for your daughter having first baby that are not just related to pregnancy? You can consider jewelry, trips, vacations, etc. Pay attention to your daughter’s interests so she feels cared for and loved

  • Personalized jewelry: Consider getting a personalized necklace or bracelet that incorporates the baby’s birthstone or initials as a sentimental gift she can cherish throughout her pregnancy and beyond. This gift is also suitable for other occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and more.

Gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter
Personalized jewelry for a newly pregnant daughter

  • Weekend getaway: Plan a surprise weekend trip for her and her partner to celebrate this exciting time before the baby arrives.
  • Personalized artwork or home decor: Commission or purchase a piece of art or home decor item that reflects her personal style or interests, making her home feel even more special.


We hope that through the gift ideas for a newly pregnant daughter, you have chosen the right present for your daughter. Keep in mind that the most important gift is the emotional support and the love that are included in the gift.